Lisa (bigwoodenspoon) wrote in toyonbay,

Hey Session 50!

This is the official "Picture post." Post all your pictures in this post.

If you need a place to upload your pictures, hit up
Username: Cimi50
Password: Tatonka

If you use this photobucket account, please make a SubAlbum so we can keep eachothers' photos strait. You know how much I love organization. [My album is called "pictures from Lisa.] If we run out of space [I have no idea how space works on this website] I'll make us another account. :)

Post your pictures in comments below. If you have the option of posting thumbnails, please do. We don't want to overload anyone's computer too much.

I think you can post pictures even if you don't have a Live Journal. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

E-mail me! +friend me on your Lj - I miss you all!

<3 Lisa
My photos

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